Management System with Automated Containment-Loorylou

Today, our researchers and engineers are contacting information where we announce our seminars and congresses in which there was no advance in the technology used to develop a hull cleaning machine with capture and treatment of waste in Brazil.


FSO SUBSEA becomes a first Brazilian company and a unique solution for the environmental action, Naval and Power Generation industry with the objective to manage and to make an efficient containment for the eradication of invasive species without ecosystem like sun coral (Tubastraea coccinea and Tubastraea tagusensis) and the golden mussel (Limnoperna fortunei).


Several studies have been carried out and high investments for employees in the technology to reach the highest perfection standard in the creation of the first equipment developed in Brazil, with mechanical systems of 100% watertight handling in the automated containment of substrates displaced from natural or artificial structures of offshore and hydroelectric plants.


Loorylou has today different models of tools for use without market, together with the system of filters that go through a process of 5 (five) stages (heating, physical, biological, cooling and mechanics) for separation of liquid effluents from solid particles , as well as facilitating with recycling and the management of traceability without waste disposal the agroindustry, already in the effluents and a laboratory analysis before its dumping in the ocean.

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